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On writing a Story by:jokerblade

Tips on writing a story...

HOHO! Here we go!

Hi! I am a writer on wattpad. Hoho. And right now, i admit that some of my stories are doing good.

So I would like to give you, guys, some tips on writing.

1st-think for a plot
 oYou have to think for a plot or on how your story will flow. For example, you want to write a romance story type, then you have to think of a good scene on how the protagonist will met or if they have a connection to each other. Then after the beginning plot, create some scenes like they meet again and they do this or do that or go there or go here or whatever you like. You also have to think for your ending in advance. Why? So, you can make a clear story since you know what your outcome is.

PS: THINK of a UNIQUE flow of story. And ONE that is not already POPULAR.

oMaking a story title should not treated as easy as 1,2,3. One attitudes of readers is to read a story depends on the title. You should make your title wisely that can call the readers attention.

PS: Make a title that will make the readers CURIOUS about how your story going.

3rd-Write with feelings
oKnowledge is not the only requirement you need in creating a story. You should blend the 'feelings' that your character feels. Actually, not that i'm crazy, ho. But you actually need to feel what your character supposed to feel. I promise you, it's effective! It's like, when the readers read your work, they will feel the joy, sadness or laughtrip or romance you applied.

PS:Feelings are connection. ^.<

4rth-Write FUN
oWrite story that will make your readers laugh. Not that I'm asking you to create a jokes or blah blah but write a scene that will make readers LOL.

oThe last tip I can give you is to enjoy writing. Just enjoy yourself and your story. Put your imagination into it and enjoy! ^__^

Once again, jokerblade here. AT your service ;))

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